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There are many good reasons to set up a business in the Vaasa region. The Vaasa region is one of the most dynamic, competitive and fastest growing urban areas in Finland. Energy Vaasa, the most important center of energy technology companies and know-how in the Nordic countries, offers networks, resources and diverse expertise. The region is genuinely international and invests in good traffic connections. The world is accessible by air, rail, roads and the sea. There are six university units in Vaasa and it is therefore the largest university city in Finland in proportion to the population.

In the Vaasa region you live near the nature, the Kvarken Archipelago has been selected as the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Finland. The availability of workplaces and services is excellent anywhere in the region.

Through this site you will find the properties and lands that serve your business best. Available properties and lands are listed by the municipalities, property owners and brokers and private advertisers in the Vaasa region. The region has business lands and -areas suitable for battery factory projects (GigaVaasa), industry (Brinken in Malax), circular economy and industry (Fågelberget in Korsholm).

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